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Partage Product Update - November & December 2022

4 mins read. Published on 14 Dec 22, Updated on 18 Jan 23.
Partage Product Update - November & December 2022
As we keep improving our service, this article will show you the main changes & improvements we have made in November 2022.

Table of contents

November 2022 has been a very busy month for us. We've released some major updates in terms of UX/UI, alerting and conversion rate optimisation. We're eager to share all of our latest changes with you.

UI/UX changes

We've gone through a re-design of the whole website to make to more friendly and feminine. We've receive positive feedback after the changes.

Screeshot of home page as of 13th of December 2022

Seller portal

We've made significant changes on the seller portal including:

  • Update of the seller portal dashboard
  • You can now overwrite products title or descriptions, if you want them to be different compared to your e-commerce website. This is helpful if you want to avoid duplicate content or if you have duplicate titles
  • Customer requests improvement. We've added alert on the home page to let you know when you have pending customer requests.
  • SEO Issues. We now display all SEO issues and possible improvements on the dashboard, with a clear action plan on each product.
  • Addition of the latest articles on the dashboard.
  • Package tracking option.

Update of the seller portal dashboard

We've added several blocks to show you the most important information on the seller dashboard. These include:

  • Number of unresolved customer requests
  • Number of orders without tracking details
  • Number of SEO issues
  • Latest blog posts for brands

Screenshot of the seller dashboard as of 13th of December 2022

Overwrite product titles and descriptions

You can now overwrite titles and descriptions for each of your products. Overwriting the title or description will make Partage the main source. Which means, if you edit the title or description in your e-commerce platform (Shopify, WooCommerce or BigCommerce), these changes will not be taken into account. Nevertheless, we will keep syncing with other parameters (prices, photos, etc.).

SEO Issues

This is surely one of the biggest improvements of November. We categorise SEO issues by category (Alert, Warning), and by type.

You will find below the following SEO issues we identify automatically:


  • Missing category: This occurs when one of your products do not have a Google category assigned to it. We automatically assign categories to your products as we receive them, based on different criteria. Sometimes, you will need to add it yourself.
  • Title too long: This occurs when a product title is more than 50 characters. Having product titles too long often make your products unavailable on different sales channel such as Facebook/Instagram, which can significantly reduce product performance.
  • Duplicate title: This occurs when two of your products have exactly the same title - which makes it difficult for search engine to know which page is the best one for a certain query.


  • Missing gender: The gender (male, female, unisex) is essential for our search engine and for Google to make sure your products show up when people are looking for gender-specific products.
  • Missing age group: The age group is important for our search engine and for Google to make sure your products show up when people are looking for age-specific products.
  • Missing colour: The colour is important for our search engine and for Google to make sure your products show up when people are looking for clour-specific products.
  • Missing average usage duration: The average usage duration is a Partage field which specifies the average usage duration of a product, in days. In essence, you must ask yourself the following question: "In how many days would the customer need another one?". We use this field to send automated reminders to your past purchasers.
  • Low page views: This can indicate that your product is not SEO-friendly as it has a low number of page views. We would recommend updating the title.
  • Low add-to-cart rate: This can indicate that your product description is not good enough, and we would recomment some updates.

Screenshot of the seller dashboard as of 13th of December 2022

Package tracking

Keeping in touch with your customers is essential to achieve great customer service. One of the main questions we are often asked is "Where is my package?". To make sure this issue does not occur in the future, we ask you to add shipping details 72 hours after the order has been paid. If there are some orders older than 72 hours without shipping details, you will receive an email to ask you to add these details.

Screenshot of the order tracking page as of 13th of December 2022

Alerting & email changes

We've added a few emails and alert for merchants. These new emails include:

  • Missing shipment tracking details
  • Alert when you didn't log into the portal
  • SEO Issues
  • Unresolved customer requests

Missing shipment tracking details

Please note: For now, we kindly ask you to add these details manually. We have plans to work on an automated solution at a later stage.

The fields required are:

  • URL of the courier
  • Package number
Once you fill in these details, an e-mail will be sent to the customer and the order will be updated.

Alert when you didn't log into the portal

To be successful on Partage, there are a few actions required on your side such as:

  • Making sure you do not have any SEO issues that would prevent your products from showing up on some of the platforms we are displaying your products
  • Checking customer requests, analytics or replying to customers
You will receive an e-mail if you did not log in or do any action on your seller portal for two weeks.

SEO Issues

We also send you a weekly email to let you know about your outstanding SEO issues.

Unresolved customer requests

Partage customers rightfully expect the highest quality customer service. Which is why we've added tools to remind you to respond to customer requests when some requests are unresolved.

We remind our merchants in two ways:

  • One automated e-mail if there is any unresolved customer requests
  • Addition of unresolved customer requests on the seller dashboard

Once you estimate a customer request is resolved, simply click "Mark as resolved" button in your customer requests page.

Screenshot of customer requests page in your seller portal as of 13th of December 2022

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