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Hello there.

At Partage, our mission is to make sustainable living accessible to all. We provide a single platform where you can shop sustainably and browse through many environmentally friendly products. We also encourage second-hand sharing (Partage means sharing in French) by rewarding you with discounts when you donate unused items on our platform.

Nice to meet you.

Launched in August 2020 by two brothers, we gather people and brands aiming to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. We partner up with sustainable brands that follow the highest sustainable standards, and we are committed to encourage second-hand consumption through our reward policy. Indeed, all positive actions for the environment carried out on our website will be rewarded with discounts on all products.
Profie picture Boris
Boris Kwemo
Founder & CEO/CTO
Profie picture Isaac
Isaac Kwemo
Co-Founder & CFO
Katie Roughan
Katie Roughan
Digital Marketing Specialist

Our Mission.

The idea to create Partage comes from our time as students, where we moved in and out quite often, and it was hard to find an easy way to sell or get rid of some items very quickly. Additionally, as we were students, we didn’t have much money to spend on non-essential items, including furniture, clothes, etc. We also found the amount of waste produced every day alarming, and we were looking for a platform offering 100% sustainable products, and we couldn’t find any. As we had complementary backgrounds in engineering and business, we decided to team up and build a platform that would solve the issues we faced.
About us Partage

What we do.

We scour the United Kingdom and France to find brands that make the world better. We identify brands that create unique and high-quality products made the right way for people, animals, and the planet. In our opinion, “good for people” refers to products good for one man’s health and good in terms of working conditions, including fair wages, no child labour and safe working conditions. “Good for animals” means cruelty-free products because we believe we should all respect animal lives by not testing products on them. “Good for the planet” means using eco-friendly manufacturing processes, organic, non-toxic, or recycled or upcycled materials.

How we do it.

Before partnering with a brand, we conduct thorough due diligence focusing on the sustainability level of the brand’s manufacturing, packaging and distribution methods. Our due diligence focuses on the following criteria:
Reduced Plastic
Fair Trade
Low carbon footprint
Quality of soil
Living Wage
Local Produce
Cruelty Free
Eco Friendly Shipping
Why not start your sustainable living journey today? The more you give, the more you get.

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