Who are we?

Partage is a web platform that allows you to live sustainably thanks to our partnership with eco-friendly & local brands, give your unused items in exchange for rewards and get free stuff.

At Partage, our mission is to create a sustainable environment for future generations.

How it works

Get special offers

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We've partnered up with many sustainable brands that follow the highest sustainable standards.
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Post an ad

List an item you don't use anymore and get rewarded with points.
Get free stuff

Get free stuff

Get second-hand items from other Partagers for free.

Meet the team

Profie picture Boris

Boris Kwemo

Co-Founder & CEO
"I had the idea to create Partage several years ago during my student time. As I was moving in and out quite often, I couldn't find any easy way to sell or get rid of some items very quickly. I also found the amount of waste produced every day very alarming and I was looking for a platform that was specialised in sustainable products but couldn't find any. Having a technology background, it was very clear to me that this major problem had to be solved by building a platform where people can easily give or get rid of their items and shop sustainably. Being myself very sensitive to the ecological cause, I thought it would be interesting to group like-minded companies under the same platform so we can gather people who share the same values."
Profile picture Isaac

Isaac Kwemo

Co-Founder & CFO
"When I was in the second year of my bachelor’s degree I worked on an entrepreneurial project on food waste. From then on, I realised that the waste market was very large and that this loss of efficiency was a problem that needed to be solved. This experience reinforced my environmental awareness.
So, when Boris came up with the idea to create Partage several years ago, I found this idea brillant but I didn’t have the skills to help him develop his project. After a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, a Master in business management at EDHEC Business School and two internships in corporate finance, I offered Boris my help to manage the commercial and financial part of Partage."
Profile picture Miriam

Miriam Moruzzi

Social Media Manager
"Years after years, I became more aware of the environmental crisis we are facing nowadays. Finding it alarming, I started to do everything I can to reduce my impact on the planet and I learned that it can affects every little choice you made during the day: most of the times there is a sustainable option, but it is not always easy to find or to reach. When I heard for the first time about Partage, I was impressed by the idea of a sustainable marketplace based on circular economy. I find inspiring how Partage wants to do its parts for the environment and keeping it simple. This is why I am really proud to be part of the Partage team, helping and supporting the brand with my digital marketing background."
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