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Give the best to your Business

Sell your products online on the fast-growing eco-friendly marketplace

Just like us, most of Partage users are sensitive to sustainable consumption and want to buy more environmentally friendly products.
*No monthly subscription or fixed fees
Step 1

Register in only a few minutes

The registration process on Partage for Businesses is very simple.
1. Fill in our registration form
2. We review your registration the same day
3. Once approved, you will be able to display your offers and products on Partage
Register now
Step 2

Connect your store

You can easily connect your store if you are using WooCommerce or Shopify. From this point of time, every product that you add to your shop will appear on Partage Marketplace. The import process is very easy and it usually takes less than 1 minute.

If you do not use Shopify or WooCommerce, you can add your products, discounts, coupons and free samples manually on Partage.
Step 3

Receive your payments every 7 days

We will process payments directly to you on a weekly basis.


1 single account
No monthly subscription
10% commission on sales on Partage and 3% processing fees
No term commitment
WooCommerce & Shopify integration & sync
Unlimited number of products in your catalog
Load all your existing products in a few minutes
Detailed analytics on your sales and customers
Payments sent out on a weekly basis
Commissions details
The way we calculate our commission is very straightforward. You can find the formula below:
Processing fees = (Sales price incl. VAT + Shipping costs) x 3%
Commission = (Sales price incl. VAT + Shipping costs) minus Processing fees x 10%
Partage Marketplace is a marketplace that allows environmentally friendly companies and independents to sell their products to buyers on Partage.
Registering on Partage is very simple, just complete the registration. To find out more about what documentations to provide please click on this link.
From the beginning, you will have to follow the various steps here. Additionally, you can also contact our support team by reaching out to us via e-mail at partnerships@partage.com. You can also find support guides in your Partners area.
Once your registration is validated and your account activated, you will be able to connect your store and import your product catalogue on Partage. All you will have to do is to provide your website url, approve the connection with Partage and from then on, all your products will be available on Partage and users will be able to purchase your products directly on our website.
You can sell almost any type of products and services. Certain categories are prohibited from being sold on our marketplace. You will find these categories listed in our Code of Conduct.
We are on the only marketplaces that do not demand a monthly subscription. Partage charges a commission on each sale made on the site at varying rates depending on the product category (see our rates). Therefore, your payment will consist of: Sales generated – Partage Commissions = Payment of the balance
You can cancel your subscription at any time. Registration does not involve any commitment. Contact us through your Partner Area to cancel your account. Termination takes effect immediately and all your products will be removed from Partage marketplace.
Caution: your Partner Area will remain accessible for 1 month, during which you must continue to manage the relationship with your customers.
Partage charges the customer once the order is accepted by you. As soon as the sale is completed and the shipment confirmed, Partage proceeds from sales every week on Mondays. To receive payment for your sales, you must:
  • Have a positive balance in your Partage Partner account (please be aware that any claims, and any refunds you make in connection with these claims, will affect your balance).
  • Have entered valid bank account details in your Partner account.
The Partage interface enables you to manage all your products/services on the Partage Marketplace. This includes:
  1. Catalogue management (integration of products for sale in the Partage catalogue)
  2. Management of orders placed by customers
  3. Analytical data about your sales and the demographics of your target
  4. Tracking of key indicators to assess your performance over time
  5. Accounting tracking (billing and payments)
When a customer places an order for one of your products on Partage Marketplace, you will receive a confirmation email of the order. You must then process it within 2 business days. The entire management of the fulfillement is done directly in your store (WooCommerce or Shopify) and no action is needed on Partage.
You are fully responsible for your clients' relationships and therefore, must provide a quality service respectfully with our Customer Service Charter.