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Different countries in Asia started producing the most diverse varieties of coffee many centuries ago. Often most of the Asian coffees are summarized and generalized because a lot of the cheap coffee, the rest of the world uses for instant products and such, is being produced in Asia. Even though Asia does feature too many remarkable coffees, only the Asian production of cheap Robusta beans has a quantitative relevance for the world market.

For interested people, lifting the curtains of prejudice, Asia and some countries not normally associated with Asia, can surprise curious coffee-lovers with many diverse coffees of the finest qualities.

The most important coffee countries of Asia are India, China, Papua New-Genia, Australia, Vietnam and many of the thousands of Indonesian islands.

Asian Selection, Artisan Coffee Beans 250gr - D’Onofrio Caffè
Asian Selection, Artisan Coffee Moka-Filter 250gr - D’Onofrio Caffè
Lemongrass & lime soap
Geranium & pink clay soap
African Selection, Artisan Coffee Beans 250gr - D’Onofrio Caffé
African Selection, Artisan Coffee Moka-Filter 250gr- D’Onofrio Caffè
The Yellow One