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Beeswax Kit

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Bumble Bee Range- Beeswax Wraps
Calendula Cream - Skin Salve & Lip Balm
Bergamot & Sandalwood Beard Balm - Mysterious Man
Bee Kind & Teal - Beeswax Wrap Lunch Pack
Bee Friendly Kit
Beeswax Wrap Refresher Block
Beeswax Wraps - Plain and Simple Organic Cotton
Blue & Lemon Design - Duo
Woodland Adventure Letterbox Activity Pack for Kids, Eco Friendly
Distinctive Kilner Jar - Laundry powder storage - Holds 4.5kg of detergent.
Pastel Paisley - Variety pack
Tidying Up Games in a Box! 24 Play Ideas, Colour-in Activities, Praise Medals
Quote of the day
The most sustainable way is to not make things. The second most sustainable way is to make something very useful, to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved.
Thomas Sigsgaard.
Peppermint Beard Balm - Cool Mint
Beeswax wrap craft kit - GIFT BOX SET
Silk Curling Ribbon, Heatless Hair Curling Set With Scrunchies
Tidy KITCHEN Kids Chores Wood Magnet Tokens
Pastel Paisley - Lunch Pack
Patchouli Beard Balm
The Snack Mat
Cayenne Cream - Warming Muscle & Joint Rub
Zero Waste Laundry Detergent with Glass Kilner Jar
Digital Motivational Cards:  Teaching Children To do Chores by Zone/ Room
Bunting - Beeswax Wrap Variety Pack
Zebra Design- Beeswax Wrap Variety Pack
Cedarwood & Vetiver Beard Balm - Deep Forest
Sweet Orange & Lemon Beard Balm - Charming Man
Beeswax Wraps - Plain and Simple Organic Cotton
5 Editable Housework Checklists by Zone
Everyday Pack - Summer Daisy - LIMITED EDITION
Coffee Beard Balm - Midnight Coffee
Pine & Eucalyptus Beard Balm - Free Spirit
Vintage Skies - Beeswax Wrap Variety Pack
Vintage Skies - Beeswax Wrap Lunch Pack
Drawstring Market Bags
Rosemary & Tea Tree Beard Balm - Pure Strength
Tulip Sunset - Beeswax Wrap Variety Pack
Bunting and Paisley Lunch Pack of Two Wraps
Under The Sea - Beeswax Wrap Variety Pack
Snack Pack - Elephant & Stars
Bee Kind & Teal - Beeswax Wrap Variety Pack
Snack Pack - Jurassic
Wildlings Organic Cotton, large 32 cm beeswax wrap
Unscented Beard Balm For Sensitive Skin
Beeswax Bread/Veg Wrap XXL - Indigo Leaf
Beeswax Bread/Veg Wrap XXL - Bunting
Blue & Lemon Design - Beeswax Wraps
Bumble Bee Range- Beeswax Wraps
Un.Paper Towels | 4 or 8 Pack
Beeswax wraps - Queen Bee Kind design
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