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Alcoool, le 1er complément alimentaire qui adoucit vos lendemains de soirée. Livraison en 48h.
Our story
But who is Alcoool [pronounced alcoul]? When is it? Where is it ? ? Henri and Antoine-Baptiste, we are the founders. We are above all, two very good friends who got to know each other within their rugby team when they arrived in business school. After a drenched third half and a tough tomorrow getting to class, we felt it was time to fix it and get out without feeling guilty the next day. At first we thought it was a dream and finally we brought it to life. This is how the Alcoool adventure began. ? We both observed the loss of productivity caused by these evenings, especially the mornings with all the empty chairs in the lecture hall ... After that, we decided to go about it to sweeten your after-party. We're so sorry it took so long. ? After endless research, we came across a scientific study which confirmed that the Nashi Pear (Korean Pear) more easily eliminates alcohol in the body. We dug this track and signed a partnership with the best laboratory in South Korea. T he latter has devised a unique, natural and working recipe. After a Crowdfunding carried out with humor and success, we saw that the French were very good customers (1000 bottles sold in less than 30 days). Today, we market the product throughout France to make no jealous. And the light was, finally the solution. But besides, why a drink? ? Obviously we could have produced tablets or tablets, but we found the image not very reassuring and even less sexy. We then decided to create a bottle for you through which we could transmit our values ​​to you. First of all, a refined and thoughtful taste. After trying the peach, raspberry and lemon, we finally sliced ​​for lemon & mint (and joy). You should know that for us, eating and drinking good food is one of our primary concerns. Then, we focused on Packaging in order to breathe our artistic culture into you. This bottom filled with peas is not there by chance. The arties may have been recognized, it is a reminder of an artist that we particularly appreciate: Roy Lichtenstein. In fact, we just went to the museum like everyone else. Then, in partnership with a Laboratory, we decided to make a juice containing antioxidants, vitamins and many other delicious ingredients for health. Ah, one last little thing… ? We don't just sell a little 100 mL juice. We want to launch a National movement (yes definitely) and make people understand that it is foolish to continue to suffer the symptoms of the "Hangover" in the 21st century. Let's stop wasting those days when we were content to "survive" on our couch, bundled up in a blanket watching a series. Our time is limited. Let's take control of our life and move on. Be nice and don't leave your loved ones in this terrible state for an average of 724 days in their life. Give them this juice to drink and nothing else to brighten up their evening and save their lives. You will be awarded the Legion of Drinkers ? ...
Our values
Low carbon footprint
Quality of soil
Living Wage
Cruelty Free
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