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Your very own premium bike and everything you need to ride for a subscription from only £23.99 per month. Get cycling today!
Our story
An amazing bike that's yours full-time, plus a lock,
protection against theft, on-demand maintenance and rewards the more you ride.
All for a flexible monthly subscription you can cancel any time. London only.

How it works
1. Become a member

Sign up online, select your delivery address and you're all set.

2. Delivered to your door

Your Buzzbike and kit will be delivered to your home or work address for free!

3. Ready to ride

Your Buzzbike and gold standard lock comes fully assembled and ready to ride.

4. Ride hassle-free

Got an issue with your Buzzbike? We'll come to you and fix it for free! If the worst happens and it's stolen, we'll deliver a replacement.

5. Cancel & Return

If it's time to say goodbye, simply cancel your subscription (we require 30 days notice) and your bike will be collected and your membership cancelled.*
Our values
Certified sectors
Low carbon footprint
Healthy foods
We preserve the quality of soil, water and air
We promote the quality of working life for our employees
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