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Choose Natusan 100% natural & biodegradable, clumping cat litter and you could reduce your litter waste by up to 65%, saving you money, time and the planet! Why not also try Lovebug Insect-based Cat Food for the ultimate planet friendly combo.

We're Natusan – cat lovers and waste haters. We make 100% natural and long lasting litter from by-products of sustainable forestry. Not only does this mean a lower impact on the environment, but we also plant a tree for every order made with our partners at Ecologi. At Natusan we made it our mission to create a long lasting, sustainable litter, which would reduce litter waste, all whilst being lightweight and odour trapping...what more could you want?! 40% better odour control - We compared ammonia levels while using Natusan to 14 other natural clumping litters. Use less, save more - Satisfyingly tight clumps trap odour and can be removed in one quick scoop. These efficient clumps mean you could use 65% less than other litters. Less cleaning - Weekly changes are a thing of the past, you can go a full month without a full tray change with Natusan. Why not also give Lovebug’s Balanced and complete adult dry cat food? It’s insect based, nutritionally complete, and cats love it. Now you can feed your cat and help the planet at the same time. Why Choose Lovebug: 100% complete and hypoallergenic. Nutritionally complete and balanced. An adult cat could live happily off Lovebug cat food – it’s got everything they need! Insects are meat: Insects are a type of meat and provide your cat with all the protein they need. They are just nutritious as traditional animal protein sources. Easy on the planet: Lovebug comes in fully recyclable and plastic-free packaging. The insects used in Lovebug also help reduce food waste and land use. Made by experts: Lovebug has been developed with the help of pet nutritionists and veterinary experts from Waltham Petcare Science Institute.

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