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Queen Bee Wraps

Handmade reusable beeswax food wraps

Our story

Bryden, the founder, has been keeping bees for over 7 years selling honey locally under the name Jacobite Apiaries. A chance conversation with a friend in January 2018, brought up beeswax wraps. Being a beekeeper, she thought I might have heard of them, but no. That night Bryden searched Google with gusto, finding out that replacing cling film with a beeswax wrap can save 100’s of metres of plastic going into landfill in just 1 year. On his own that’s a small positive step forward, but if 1000’s of people started using beeswax wraps it could really make an impact. A month later, in February 2018, Bryden had a recipe, fabric, ingredients and made his first wraps in his kitchen. "I started with pre orders from our local food hub in Haddington. By March I was super excited to have our very first stockist, thanks to Helle from Beech and Birch in Gifford and by April we moved production to Cockenzie House with a new name Queen Bee Wraps. Yes, things moved quickly and ha ve never stopped." Over the last 2 years we now have tens of thousands of beeswax wraps being used in and around the UK saving 1000’s of metres of clingfilm going into landfill. I may have founded Queen Bee Wraps but it’s my wife Louise who takes the major roll in logistics, planning and organisation, the calm one, getting orders waxed efficiently, her eye on the ball. Louise’s father folds and packs your order ready for dispatch. We have a small waxy workshop in Cockenzie House in East Lothian, Scotland.

Our values
Low carbon footprint
Living Wage
Local Produce
Cruelty Free
Our products (11)
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Pastel Paisley - Variety pack
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Bunting and Paisley Lunch Pack of Two Wraps
Vintage Skies - Beeswax Wrap Variety Pack
Spring Honeybee Beeswax Wraps (3 wraps)
Simply GEO - Beeswax Wrap Variety
Queen Bee Wraps Limited Edition Design (Lge & Med)
Bee Kind & Teal - Beeswax Wrap Variety Pack