Alcohol-free distilled botanical drinks locally made in the UK
Our story
OCHD Ltd, is believed to be the WORLDS first alcohol free distillery on a mission to help you drink mindfully. We handcraft alcohol free distilled botanical drinks. Our products are 100% copper pot distilled, with no added flavours, colours, sweeteners or sugar, a first in the UK. Two great tasting drinks, Celtic Myst & Silk Roots - Both available in 70, 20 & 10cl bottles. Celtic Myst - A herbal blend of piney citrusy notes, with a hint of rosemary . Silk Roots - A spicy aromatic warm blend of cardamom and clove, with a hint of citrus and cinnamon notes. Serving suggestions available
Our values
Our products from certified sectors that respect the environment or biodiversity
Our products are organic
We promote the quality of working life for our employees
Our products are made in cooperation with local communities, respecting their lifestyles
Our products are locally manufactured, via short circuits
Respect for animal welfare
Our products (5)
2 x 70cl Bundle | £43.18 (save £4.80)
3 x 70cl Bundle | £61.17 (save £10.80)
4 x 70cl Bundle | £76.76 (save £19.20)
5 x 70cl Bundle | £89.95 (save £30.00)
6 x 70cl Bundle | £100.74 (save £43.20)