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Syllucid is dedicated to producing fair and sustainable electronic products and giving consumers responsible alternatives.

Syllucid is dedicated to producing fair, sustainable and long-lasting electronic products.

We started this company to give consumers responsible alternatives, to show the true cost of electronic products on the planet, and to work towards reforming our industry.

We use our products as magnifying glasses on the electronics industry. By researching their supply chains they show us what challenges the industry is facing, what problems its supply chains cause, and how they can be solved. We can’t change the industry alone or overnight, but we are steadily putting solutions into practice:

Sustainable & fair materials

We are dedicated to fairly and responsibly sourcing as many materials as possible and creating planet centric supply chains for our products. This means using recycled and fairly sourced minerals and plastics, as well as good working conditions along the entire supply chain.

Durable Designs

To make our and your products last as long as possible we're using innovative and durable design techniques to significantly prolong the lifespan of each product. The longer they last, the fewer we have to produce. Supply chain research and transparency We're using our products to make problems in electronics supply chains visible. 

We're using this knowledge to tackle systemic industry issues by creating partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers, customers, peers, NGOs, and governments. We partner up with researchers to find new ways how we can make value chains fairer and more sustainable. Creating holistically fair, sustainable and transparent supply chains will take a long time. But we think there is no time to waste. The sooner we start to address these problems, the better for all of us and our planet. That's why we're addressing this challenge head on and are taking big steps forward with each batch we produce.

Our values
Fair Trade
Low carbon footprint
Quality of soil
Living Wage
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