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Beverages for Adults

Fancy a nice drink? Discover our range of ethical beverages, specially selected for you.
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English Breakfast - Loose Leaf
Earl Grey
Tropical Rooibos - Loose Leaf
Loose Leaf Tea Set
Jasmine & Mint Green Tea - Loose Leaf
Classic Bundle
Momo Triple Bundle
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Momo Tumeric Kombucha
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Steeps Fire Cider (250ml)
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Spiced Apple Chai - Loose Leaf
Momo Ginger & Lemon Kombucha
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Great Taste Bundle

Personalised King & Queen box consisting of lots of little items. The box lid is engraved with full name and date of birth. Each item inside the box is engraved with first name only. ( Please n...

Tea Gift Box - 3 Exotic Tea Blends
Tea Gift Box - 24 Enveloped Tea Bags
Tea Gift Box - 3 Classic Tea Blends
Wellness Loose Leaf Bundle
Momo Elderflower Kombucha
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Earl Grey - Loose Leaf
Momo Raspberry Hibiscus Kombucha
Ginger & Lemongrass - Loose Leaf
Exotic Bundle
Tropical Rooibos
The Finest Tea Collection
Spiced Apple Chai
Quote of the day
"We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect."
Aldo Leopold.
Jasmine & Mint Green Tea
Peachy Chamomile - Loose Leaf
Jasmine And Mint Green Tea - Enveloped Tea Bags
Steeps Fire Cider (750ml)
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Tropical Rooibos - Enveloped Tea Bags
English Breakfast - Enveloped Tea Bags
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