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We believe in Ethical and Sustainable living. That's why our food is too.
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Premium Afghan Saffron
The Red One
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Handmade Solid Wood Spice Box For Spice Drops, Travel Box
Pumpkin Spices Natural Extract 100ml
Paprika Natural Extract
Handmade Wooden Spice Box, Kitchen Storage For Spice Drops
Garlic Natural Extract
Scence Vegan Dark Chocolate - Ginger
Black Pepper Natural Extract 100ml
Handmade Wooden Spice Rack, Kitchen Storage Shelf
Vial Sample Pumpkin Spices
Nutmeg Natural Extract

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Vial Sample Mint Extract
Saffron And Spices Natural Extract
Chai Spices Natural Extract (tea Masala)
Vial Sample Turmeric Extract
Red Chilli Natural Extract 100ml
Orange Zest Natural Extract 100ml
Lemon Zest Natural Extract 100ml
Cumin Seed Natural Extract 100ml
Cardamom Natural Extract 100ml
The White One - Classic White Sauerkraut
Turmeric Natural Extract 100ml
Tea Spices Collection
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"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."
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Vial Sample Vanilla
Make Your Pack Of 6 Spice Drops®
Vial Sample Lime Zest
Vial Sample Chai Spices Extract
Vial Sample Paprika Extract
Indian Traditional Spice Gift Box, Rosewood, Handmade
Chai Spices Craft Gin (limited Edition)
Baking Spices Collection
Vial Sample Tulsi
Saffron Natural Extract
Vial Sample Tikka Masala
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