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Nos partenaires

Chez Partage, nous avons noué des partenariats avec plusieurs entreprises respectueuses de l'environnement pour vous fournir les meilleurs produits.
L'agence Blue

L'agence Blue

Chez Blue, le principe est simple : nous trouvons vos 3 meilleurs candidats, vous les rencontrez lors de la visite, puis vous choisissez le vôtre, avec votre feeling et l'appui de votre agent.

Aucun déplacement en agence, aucun engagement et une sécurisation optimale, telles sont les avantages de l'agence immobilière en ligne.
Discount code Georganics


Most of us accept that good oral hygiene involves cleaning our teeth daily, but we don’t always consider the effect ingesting synthetic chemicals often found in commercial products has on our health. It all started with one question... Are all these synthetic chemicals used in conventional oral care really necessary? Research showed us that nature already offers us everything we need to look a...
Discount code RubyMoon


Welcome to RubyMoon! The sustainable brand that offers vibrant, high-quality, affordable swim and active wear for women who want more design, functionality & ethics. Whilst being ethically manufactured and made from cutting-edge sustainable materials, RubyMoon also helps women set up and grow businesses across the globe. From ‘Gym To Swim’ our collection is developed with both uses in mind...
Discount code Alcoool


Mais Alcoool [prononcez alcoul] c’est qui ? C’est quand ? C’est où ? 🏉 Henri et Antoine-Baptiste, c'est nous les fondateurs. On est avant tout, deux très bons amis qui se sont connus au sein de leur équipe de rugby en arrivant en école de commerce. Après des troisièmes mi-temps bien arrosées et des lendemains difficiles pour se rendre en cours, on s'est dit qu’il était temps d’y remédier et d...
Discount code Atelier LPM

Atelier LPM

WHAT IS ATELIER LPM? Atelier LPM also known as Lespetitesmesures is a French studio providing tailoring services to create original masterpieces by blending the skill of expert couturiers and fashion trends. The studio also aims to add his own touch to current trends to provide customers with the latest fashion. As a brand, Lespetitesmesures represents the atelier's exclusive fashion sense and ...
Discount code Be Kind Beauty

Be Kind Beauty

Online store for cruelty free and ethically sourced make up and skincare :) Be Kind Beauty was born when I discovered how difficult it can be to find ethical beauty. You can spend hours browsing through brands and products to try and find the cruelty free choice. Be Kind Beauty has been created to take the hassle out of finding cosmetics and skin care that not only have ethical values, are trul...
Discount code Buzzbike


Buzzbike is a cancel anytime subscription service offering a stunning 3-speed bike & award winning lock for only £27/month. On-demand repairs and stolen bike replacement are included. Get ready to ride!...
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