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Bellini & Russ

Welcome to Bellini & Russ! We design our organic clothing and accessories in California, print and ship them from France. When you purchase from Bellini & Russ, know you are purchasing the absolute best and doing good for our planet! OUR STORY AND VISION Bellini & Russ was founded by two friends, Ally and Marianne. We have a vision to inspire the world's next generation of little humans with positivity, inclusion, compassion, and understanding. We aspire to help them foster a positive outlook on life! We also hope to remind adults to be present with children, live in the moment, and be patient with the new little beings learning to navigate our planet. Thank you for supporting our female-owned business! Ally is an entreprenur, MBA grad, and a new mom. Marianne is an artist, practicing therapist, and professor of psychology. We've been friends since third grade when we used to sneak out of Sunday School to drink coffee (true story) and now both reside in California. ECO-FRIENDLY VALUES We choose to leave the world better than we found it and only partner with eco-friendly suppliers. We use 100% organic cotton in our clothing! Designs are printed using water-based ink that is 100% eco-certified by OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT, has the GOTS 5.0 label, and is vegan. We ship all available products without plastic. We use high quality recycled cardboard sleeves or soft sleeves made of recycled material. We even use environmentally friendly paper for your invoices! They’re printed in France sourced from sustainably managed forests. Our adhesive is made of Kraft paper, instead of plastic. We always use fair manufacturing processes and ensure the highest quality for you and your family.
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