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We're a family-owned business focusing on sustainable educational toys.

Fathercares was founded by two parents. A loving mother of two children and a loving dedicated and hard working father. A father who always took time to create a feeling of fun and humour whilst spending time with his children. Fathers always seem like tough cookies but we forget that they also love to enjoy their children's childhood and keep there family unit together. Whether that's through talking or playing with there children. The father in this case is a little child at heart always up to something with his children and waiting for his wife to find out. The crazy messy play resulting in tubs of paint and gems circling the floor. Being parents; Mums always come across being strict ones and Fathers being funny, wacky and are always known as the second child or the third. Same goes in our family, my husband is the third child. Dads are always known as their children’s best friends, initiating, and creating the mess for the children to follow. So, when deciding to create and name our business we decided to go with Fathercares. This was created for all those fathers who care about the A-Z of their children’s needs. Whether what buggy you want to purchase for those new born strolls, what shoes to buy, or what pencil case or backpack your child will like for their first day at school. We know it’s important to you just as much as us mummy’s and we want you to be recognised. The idea of Fathercares is so that every dad has a place to shop and call it their own, ' Yep i purchased that from Fathercares' & mummy's come along with dad and see all the fun available at Fathercares. We scour the best toys and children’s products from around the world for you to purchase which bring back the art of playing and learning with your children. So come along on join us on our Journey.
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