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One Wear Freedom

One Wear Freedom is the UK’s 1st 100% eco-friendly clothing hire service for women - that means everything we do, touch + supply bears the environment in mind.
Notre histoire
One Wear Freedom (OWF) is the UK’s first 100% eco-friendly clothing hire service for women. Sourcing, sharing and celebrating unique, vintage, handmade or up-cycled pieces and outfits from across the world. From office wear to loungewear, to that special day or night out, OWF has a wide range of sensational outfits with accessories to match that will capture the most head turns and likes for a fraction of the retail price + starting as low as £4.99! What makes OWF even better – for every order, one tree will be planted and absolutely everything from the dry cleaning service, packaging and even the very paper and ink used in receipts is recycled or eco-friendly! We’re taking no chances! WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF FASHION
Our values
Fair Trade
Emprunte carbone nulle ou négative
Quality of soil
Living Wage
Local Produce
Cruelty Free
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