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Pourquoi désencombrer ?

Decluttering has been for a long time a hassle for all of us. We've been through it ourselves, and it can sometimes be painful. Our mission at Partage is to make it easy for you. We think decluttering is not only good for you as a person, but it's also good ecologically and socially. Many people would love to use your unused items, and giving away something you don't need anymore will prevent them from buying brand new items.

Comment ça marche?

Et puis?

It all sounds good, but how does it work in practice? It's easy. Every time you dispose of an item you do not use anymore, you get rewarded on our platform. You can declutter in two ways: the first one would be to list your unused stuff directly on our platform and have someone else pick it up. The other one is through our partnerships with different charity shops. It's loud and clear. On Partage, The more you give, the more you get!
Lorsque vous publiez un article et que quelqu'un le récupère, vous recevez des points que vous pouvez ensuite échanger pour obtenir des codes de réduction sur la place de marché..

Vous trouverez ci-dessous quelques exemples de son fonctionnement en pratique:

  • 100 points give you access to a £5 discount code
  • 200 points give you access to a £10 discount code
  • 500 points give you access to a £30 discount code
  • 1000 points give you access to a £70 discount code
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