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Gifts For Kids

Discover our range of gift ideas for kids.

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*Seconds* Sustainable Christmas Activity Booklet
Eco-friendly Garden Christmas Stocking Filler with Activity Booklet on Recycled Paper
Children's Activity Booklet for Christmas Eve Box,  Eco Friendly, Printed on Recycled Paper
Eco Warriors Christmas Stocking Filler Pack - Sustainable Christmas Eve Box
Eco Warriors Stocking Filler (Small Pack) - Christmas Eve Box Activity
The Sustainable Gardening Activity Booklet - Multipacks for Stores, Schools and PTAs
Eco Warriors Party Bag Multi-Packs
Eco Warriors Pack for Stores (5 packs included)
Eco Friendly Garden Activity Booklet
Garden-themed Kids Activities; Pre-filled Birthday Party Bag
Tidying Up Games (Printable ) for Kids, Chores/ Housework Play Ideas
Tidying Up Games in a Box! 24 Play Ideas, Colour-in Activities, Praise Medals
Quote of the day
He that plants trees loves others beside himself.
Thomas Fuller.
Customised Chore Tokens Magnets - Choose Your Own Text, Picture, Colour
Eco Warriors Home Flash Cards Game, Kids Learn Chores & Fight Climate Change
Chore tokens, routine wooden magnet tokens - choose your own
Chat about Chores Fortune Tellers - Reasons + Rewards Edition - Printable
Tidy KITCHEN Kids Chores Wood Magnet Tokens
Tidy BEDROOM Kids Chores Magnet Tokens
Digital Motivational Cards:  Teaching Children To do Chores by Zone/ Room
Kids Screen Time Wood Magnet Tokens -Child earns tech electronic devices time
Eco Warriors Lesson Plans - Teaching Eco Warriors in Schools
Woodland Adventure Letterbox Activity Pack for Kids, Eco Friendly
5 Editable Housework Checklists by Zone
Garden Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Digital Printable
Woodland Colour-in Wooden Story Tokens, Eco Friendly Stocking Filler
Gardening Story Tokens for Kids, Fostering Imagination and Love for Nature
Gardening Letterbox Activity Pack for Kids, Eco Friendly
Eco Warriors Digital Pack