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10 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts for 2022

4 mins read. Published on 02 Dec 21, Updated on 18 Sep 22.
10 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts for 2022
Christmas is a time when many people like to give and receive gifts. But sometimes it can be difficult to find eco-friendly gifts that are both unique and useful.

Table of contents

Christmas is a time when many people like to give and receive gifts. But sometimes it can be difficult to find eco-friendly gifts that are both unique and useful.

Thankfully, there are many online stores including Partage, that sell eco-friendly products. And there are also many ways to make your own eco-friendly Christmas gifts. In this article, we will explore some of the best ways to find and create eco-friendly Christmas gifts. We will also provide a list of online stores where you can buy these products. 

What are some great eco-friendly Christmas gifts?

We have compiled a list of some environmentally friendly gift options we think your family and friends will love. From moisturiser to candles, the gifts we have selected are high quality and are sustainable in one or more ways.

What eco-friendly Christmas gifts should I buy for my loved ones?

There are sustainable options for practically any product you can think of! When choosing your sustainable Christmas gifts, first consider the interests of your environmentally conscious recipient. Are they fan of skincare? Many brands offer sustainable products catering to a range of skin types. If they're house proud, some sustainably made homeware could be the perfect gift. Buying consciously and ensuring you're purchasing sustainable products you know your friends and family will love can help reduce wastage as they can last a long time. 


Sustainable, eco-friendly Christmas gifts

1. Kept Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottle, £29.95 from

Kept bottles are designed with beauty and sustainability in mind aiming to help to move away from the culture of using single-use plastic bottles to a more environmentally responsible mindset.

This elegant vacuum sealed bottle features a double-walled high-grade steel shell to keep beverages at the desired temperature. Furthermore, Kept Bottles are designed with a durable, naturally antibacterial acacia lid, and a stylish silicone carry loop. 



2. Bloomtown Sugar Scrub (Blackberry & Honeysuckle), £14 from

Cornwall based skincare brand Bloomtown is committed to fighting for the world's environment and biodiversity. All products are vegan, made from Natural and organic ingredients, ethically made and are packaged in environmentally friendly packaging- what's not love? 

Our pick for our sustainable Christmas gift list is their Blackberry and honeysuckle Sugar scrub. This will leave your loved one's skin feeling silky smooth and smells unbelievable.



3. Bam: Bamboo Flannel PJ Bottoms, £59 from

Bam: Bamboo sells sustainably sourced and ethically made nightwear and leisurewear made from bamboo. Bam: Bamboo is seeking to be impact positive and is making significant progress in minimising its effects on climate, water, waste, humans, chemicals, and land use.

Bamboo absorbs five times more carbon than hardwood trees. It needs half of the land cotton needs to produce the same amount of fibre without needing irrigation or pesticides, making it a great sustainable material. 

Our pick is Bam: Bamboo's PJ Bottoms, made from organic cotton and bamboo viscose brushed flannel. These PJ bottoms are brilliantly soft, warm, and comfortable and can be worn as nightwear or loungewear. 



4. Scented Rapeseed Wax Candle- Braden (Forest), £37.50, from

Aerende's gently fragranced candles are made with natural rapeseed wax, a sustainable and non-toxic alternative to standard paraffin or soya wax candles. What's more, Aerende has switched from traditional wicks to non-toxic cotton and linen wicks to minimise the environmental impact of their candles. Finally, Aerende's packaging is made in the UK from recycled coffee cups!

Our pick for our sustainable Christmas gift list is Aerende's beautifully scented Braeden Candle made from Rosewood, Pine Needle, Bergamot, Cedarwood Atlas, Cypress, Lime, and Patchouli essential oils. 




5. Recycled wine glasses from Spicer and Wood, prices begin at £14, from

Based in Stoke Newington, Spicer and Wood emphasise a love of natural materials, reflected in the production of all their products. 

Our pick is Spicer and Wood's hand-blown unique wine glasses made from recycled glass. These wine glasses are a beautiful alternative to traditional wine glasses with two available designs, clear glass and green. Each glass will be slightly unique in shape due to the nature of production, making it a truly special Christmas gift that your family and friends will love. 



6. Scence Body Moisturiser - Sweet Citrus, £12 from

Based in sunny Cornwall, Scence skincare is made from nourishing, natural vegan ingredients, all poured into paper-based, 100% compostable and recyclable packaging.

Our Pick is Scence's soothing, nourishing and softening natural body moisturiser for everyday use. It is made using organic coconut and jojoba oil, mango butter and essential oils. 



 7. Willow Shaftesbury Kasbah Nimbus Cushions, £75 each from

Willow Shaftesbury hope to encourage conscious consumerism by selling items that don't negatively impact the environment. Willow Shaftesbury provides quality items that will last selling natural, organic, sustainable, recycled or made in the UK, so they don't have a large carbon footprint.

Our pick is their Kasbah Nimbus Cushions made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. These gorgeous faded blue Moroccan cushions look and feel like wool, but are the perfect, practical, and environmentally friendly alternative.


8. The Singing Leaf loose leaf tea starter set, £10 from

Made using 100% natural ingredients, The Singing Leaf hand blends loose-leaf herbal infusions, using ethically sourced and organic ingredients. The Singing Leaf handcraft all their blends in small batches using locally grown and wild foraged plants and herbs that complement each other for their taste and therapeutic properties. 

Our pick is their loose-leaf starter set, which is ideal for getting you started with everything you need to infuse loose leaf teas- the perfect gift for any tea


9. Hempnath Lakshya Laptop Case, £23 from

Hempnath is an environmentally conscious brand offering ethically sourced, artisan-made products and planting three trees per purchase. Hempnath takes pride in promoting slow, traditional Nepali craftsmanship prioritising conscious consumerism. 

Our Pick is Hempnath's Lakshya Laptop Case which is made sustainable from hemp and cotton. This laptop case comes in a range of colours, has a minimalistic design and is highly functional with two main compartments designed to house your laptop and laptop charger.


10. Tikauo Ikigai Magic Tote Bag in Blue, £20 from

The concept of Tikauo was born out of the need for a more sustainable future for the cotton manufacturing industry. At Tikauo, all products are ethically made, and every product is unique, ethical, and sustainable. 

Our pick is Tikauo's Ikigai Magic Tote Bag in Blue. This tote is a stylish way to reduce the use of plastic bags, and we love its coconut shell button to wrap and fasten it.

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