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Stuffed Animals

Discover our range of stuffed animals for your children to play with.

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Personalised Rufus & Ted Rocking Horse
Personalised Rocking Horse - Donkey
Personalised Celeste & Fae Rocking Unicorn
Personalised Biscuit & Skip Rocking Horse
Personalised Nattou Pauline The Bunny Rocker
Nattou Mobiles Sasha & Pauline
Nattou Silicone Bib – Sage Green
Nattou Tembo Elephant Knitted Cuddly Grey
Nattou Mobiles Tembo Elephant
Nattou Knitted Lapidou Cuddly – Pink
Nattou Knitted Lapidou Cuddly – Beige
Nattou Growth Charts Jim & Bob

Each dish has been expertly crafted from natural bamboo fibres, providing incredible strength and resilience while also enjoying all the inherent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities of the bamboo plant. Perfectly designed for meals at all times of day, the segmented design of this pl...

Nattou Growth Charts Fanny The Deer
Nattou Activity Ball – Light Green
Personalised Nattou Oscar The Fox Rocker
Nattou Mobiles Luna & Axel
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Nattou Stuffed Playmat – Fanny & Oscar
Nattou Silicone Tableware Set – Green
Nattou Silicone Tableware Set – Ochre
Nattou Silicone Tableware Set – Pink
Personalised Pixie & Fluff Rocking Horse
Personalised Candy Rocking Horse Light Pink
Nattou Stuffed Playmat – Luna & Axel
Nattou Silicone Bib – Light Blue
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Nattou Lapidou – Activity Caterpillar Green
Nattou Silicone Bib – Dusky Pink
Nattou Activity Octopus Light Green
Nattou Growth Charts Lali The Dog
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